Environnement OHTOP


OHTOP is a small niche brand, but we have placed preserving  biodiversity, innovating sustainably, acting for the climate and  creating a positive impact at the heart of our actions.

we have decided to use the most natural nontoxic retraceable  ingredients to create our perfumes.

Sustainability doesn’t end at ingredients. Packaging and  production play a large role in a brand’s overall carbon footprint.  Our Zamak cap and refillable glass bottle are 100% recyclable with  a low energy consuming impact.

We have also tackled the sustainability challenge by using recycled  materials that are biodegradable or can be recycled again after  use like 100% recyclable paper, starch cellophane paper and 0%  plastic parts.

Creating a perfume is a complicated process, but that doesn’t  mean it can’t be ethically and transparently performed. At  OHTOP, we took the time to ensure that all our ingredients are  clearly listed, sustainably sourced, and safe to apply to the skin.

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