Parfum - 100 ml 3.3 fl. Oz

Bare essentials
Any creator sooner or later finds himself confronted to the idea of simplicity. Feeling the lure to simplify again and again, until almost complete nakedness. In fact, we all seek an apparent carelessness concealing an actual sophistication.
This cologne is a perfume that becomes one with us in stark nakedness, exposing a studied casualness stating, “I am what I am”.

Nudity through freshness
Fleur d’Oh suggests naked simplicity through innocent freshness. This sharp creation highlights a signature shiso leaf paired with yuzu to boost a skin-soft orange blossom. A fragrance as necessary as water on bare skin.

Yuzu Essence
Neroli Tunisia
Orange blossom abs Tunisia
Small grain
White Cedar Essence

Alexis Dadier (Robertet)
Fleur d’OH is a gender fluid orange blossom that oscillates between the radiance and softness of orange blossom, and the vibration of modern amber woods. This is a theme that is dear to me because I have always wanted to wear an orange blossom perfume that is neither feminine nor classic cologne. The yuzu and shiso leaves start creates a spark whose light extends to the bottom of this fragrance lined with moss and musks.


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Romeo’s words: “FLEUR D’OH is as tender as maternal skin and as refreshing as clean sheets, evoking a sense of comfort and purity.”

Gamme OHTOP Parfum
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Fleur D'OH

Parfum - 100 ml 3.3 fl. Oz