Parfum - 100 ml 3.3 fl. Oz

Memories affect creativity. Giving shape to style often aims to recreate something from the past. Romeo has been deeply influenced by his discoveries in fashion and fragrances throughout the years to sharpen his taste. Hence, this homage to first times, first love, first experiments and soothing memo- ries. A scent as comforting as hyper elegant.

A reassuring nostalgic wood
A nod to a legendary perfume Romeo received as a gift from his first love. Green Flannel conveys both the qualita- tive fabric of a dapper jacket and the elegant green color, the signature of OHTOP. Drawing contemporary hues of purple and green with the help of violet, violet leaf and galbanum, its incredible appeal consists in an addictive woody and musky base.

Galbanum Essence
Violet leaf
Star Jasmine
Tonka bean

Alexis Dadier (Robertet). Green Flannel is a nod to that mythical perfume of the 70s that Romeo and I had in common, Grey Flannel, and for which I have a particular tenderness. I called it Green Flannel because I know Romeo’s attachment to the world of fashion and therefore to fabrics, and also in reference to the pretty English green of OHTOP packaging. So I composed a contemporary version of this violet galbanum, much more refined, very monolithic, with an addictive amber musky sensuality.


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Romeo’s Words : “As a creator, I believe that everything we create is rooted in our past, and GREEN FLANNEL is like this sentimental garment in our closet – a hidden treasure that evokes memories and nostalgia.”

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