Parfum - 100 ml 3.3 fl. Oz

Urban tension
Romeo is addicted to the scent of asphalt and all it embodies : urban modernity, roads connecting people, but also pollution, dust, and human excesses.

An addictive heat
Inspired by urbanity under blazing heat, Ohsphalte is built like an olfactive monolith, blending a concrete accord with hints of flowers, woods, and leather. Conceptual, bold, and hooking.

Very conceptual fragrance around the notes asphalt gum and suede
Rather block than pyramid 
Gaiac Wood Species
Methyl anthranylate, orange blossom note 
Amyris wood species
Essence of Patchouli Indonesia
Note Concrete (Irotyl note iris urban and dry white)
Absolute labdanum labdanum
White musks very moltonized

patchouli, suede, vetiver, labdanum and a modern iris.

Anne-Sophie Behaghel (Flair Paris)
Anne-Sophie Behaghel’s Osphalte perfume is thought of as a signature smell, a smell that takes hold of Ohtop’s ultra-contemporary, urban and refined universe. The asphalt and concrete are coated with notes of patchouli, suede, vetiver, labdanum and a modern iris.


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Romeo’s words: “OHSPHALTE is sensual and alluring, much like a black leather suit that fits close to the body yet allows for freedom of movement.”

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