Parfum OHTOP


OHTOP a luxury brand designed with the exigency of the French  perfumery tradition defends nonetheless a contemporary vision  of creation.

Based on a philosophy of global well-being, it is inspired by a  universal cultural heritage. This collection invites you on a journey  full of emotions and sensations achieved through minimalist and  sophisticated work.

This collection: 5 fragrances – emblems of a dreamlike universe  driven by French savoir-vivre, aims to be innovative and  international with original and unforgettable signatures where the  selected notes fuel olfactory balances.

Romeo works hand in hand with the best noses in the world,  experts in their art; mastering the harmony of each selected note,  as well as the delicate evolution of the perfume.

Loaded with meaning and inspiration for everyone, emphasizing  originality, authenticity and freedom of expression, these juices  composed of living substance merge with the identity of each skin  to belong solely to the person wearing them.

“Simply choose the fragrance that matches your personality and  style because our fragrances are as unique as you are” Romeo Oh.

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